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Our Story

Hurom (惠人)- 是全球首屈一指的慢磨原汁機。 自1974年起,Hurom已開始生產榨汁機。 它目前擁有的專利和銷售到世界各地多達50多個國家。 Hurom一直站在飲食文化的前列,並大量投放資源於研究和開發,讓 Hurom 產品能夠保存在天然食品的營養。 我們從不休止,不斷努力把事情做得更好,並領導市場, 挑戰現狀。Hurom 的科技是全世界公認的。 她用最優越的方法去幫助我們獲取身體所需要的營養。 Hurom 的目標是成為一間廚房和家電企業,真正想為大眾著想,使每一個人都能獲得更健康的飲食。 Hurom將繼續向前,同時繼續關顧所有用戶和合作夥伴。
About Hurom
Hurom is the Global Leader in Slow Juicers having been involved in the manufacture of juicers since 1974. It currently holds patents and distribute its products into over 50 countries around the world. Hurom is at the forefront of a dietary culture and invests heavily in researching and developing products that maintain the nutrition in natural food. It never rests in this, always seeking ways to do things better and pioneer new markets by challenging the status quo.​
Hurom's technology is recognized around the world as the most advanced method for extracting the best of health from nature. It aims to become a kitchen and home appliance company that truly thinks about people, enabling them to achieve healthier diets. Hurom will continue to do this while continuing to look after the interests of all its customers and business partners.
A Word from Hurom's CEO/Inventor
The world changes at an increasing pace, but we have always kept one thought at the heart of our business: 'How can we help people be healthier?' At Hurom, our philosophy is centered on bringing health and convenience to people. We develop technology that offers long term benefits rather than focusing on immediate gain. Since its founding, Hurom has pioneered new markets from the green juicer to garbage disposal, food processor and slow juicer.
We're recognised throughout the world for our commitment to innovation. However it's our commitment to helping people lead healthier lives that has always set us apart. It's been an exciting journey as we've grown, developing new products and improving existing technology. All along, our loyal customers have supported us. We thank you and will do everything we can to continue earning your trust.
世界急速變化,但我們一直保持著一個念頭在我們內心深處:'我們怎樣才能幫助人們更健康?在 Hurom,我們的理念是集中在帶來方便和健康。 我們開發技術,為大家提供長期益處,我們不是著眼於眼前的收益。 公司自成立以來,Hurom 已經從環保榨汁機以至垃圾處理,食品處理器和慢磨原汁機等開創全新市場。
我們在世界各地得到的認同,鼓勵我們對創新的承諾。 這是我們幫助人類上更健康的生活,這一直是我們脫穎而出的承諾。 Hurom 在開發新產品和改進現有技術,已經是我們茁壯成長和鼓舞的旅歷程。 感謝我們的忠實客戶一直支持我們。 我們並必竭盡所能,繼續贏得您的信賴。

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