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With its globally recognized technical expertise, HUROM has become a leading manufacturer of vertical slow juicers over the years. HUROM’s easy-to-use, high-performance slow juicers are guaranteed to produce distinctive juices of superior quality, making your life healthier and more meaningful.





The Slow Squeeze Difference

Our slow-squeezing juicers make real, natural juices with no added water, ice, or chemical additives. 

Our slow juicers filter out the insoluble fiber present in the ingredients used, thus removing their bitter compounds. The resulting juices are clear and have a rich taste and velvety texture, allowing you to enjoy the true flavor of every last drop of the ingredients used. 





The Science of Juicing


Hurom’s Slow Squeeze Technology  is a juicing method that squeezes fresh fruits and vegetables slowly at high pressure. This advanced squeezing technique uses a combination of squeezing, filtering, and mixing technologies to produce high-quality juices. Our slow juicers are designed to preserve the flavors and aromas of fresh fruits and vegetables by minimizing oxidation and their exposure to the heat generated by the juicer’s motor.


HUROM的Slow Squeeze Technology,是一種以慢速高壓來製作蔬果原汁的技術。這種先進的慢速高壓技術,把壓製、過濾及拌和結合,製作高質蔬果原汁。我們的慢速高壓原汁機,不會令蔬果汁氧化和受熱,專為保存新鮮蔬果的味道和香味而設。



Hurom’s International Recognition


Our reputation for making high-tech juicers has been growing worldwide, with our slow juicers having won several prominent design awards, including the Red Dot Award, iF Product Design Award, and International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). Our patented Slow Squeeze Technology, which uses a vertical auger, has been certified by over 100 institutions, proving our technical capabilities.


我們在慢速高壓原汁機方面的研發能力,在國際間享譽盛名,原汁機榮獲多個國際設計奬項,例如Red Dot Award,iF Product Design Award及International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)。使用垂直auger的專利技術Slow Squeeze Technology,被100個機構認證,我們的科研能力,毋容置疑。


Easy to Use


Making Juice is Easy


We have been able to create juicers that our customers love using every day thanks to our understanding that the best juice is also juice that’s easy to make. In addition, our juicers have been designed to be surprisingly easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble .



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