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A Company that Benefits People

As a company, our development began with the thought of helping people restore their health.
We were motivated purely by the desire to add quality and value to people’s lives, rather than the desire to create a product simply for profits.

The core principle of our technological development puts people before profits. This is the reason we have dedicated ourselves to leading a new food culture based on nature, hoping that we can restore health and value to the lives of people living in the modern world.



人 + ill-rom (有益的) =HUROM


Closer to Nature, Closer to People 

A key emphasis of our technologies is health.
It is a widely known fact that consuming large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables is crucial to maintaining a healthy life, but meeting the recommended daily intake of nutrients is challenging for many people. This is where juicing can play a vital role; by consuming fruits and vegetables as juice, we can ingest and absorb more of the nutrients they provide.

Our founder and chairman, Youngki Kim wanted to help people discover a way to incorporate nature into their lives in its purest form. It was his pursuit of new ideas to help people consume nutrients from plants in more effective and natural ways that led him to found Hurom.







Hurom: Born of Nature, Created by Science

Chairman Kim  faced many challenges, namely finding ways to prevent oxidation and nutrient loss and utilize the seeds and peels of fruits and vegetables so as to maximize the nutrient content of juice. After many failed attempts at finding the perfect squeezing method, he realized that the best way was to juice the ingredients slowly at high pressure.

He then developed and patented Hurom’s Slow Squeeze Technology, which uses an auger to
preserve the nutrients, flavors, and aromas of fresh fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, the slow rotation motor was designed to produce minimal noise,

making it ideal for household use.

This is the story of the creation of the Hurom slow juicer, a novel juicer developed in pursuit of an easier approach to natural diets.


HUROM: 大自然食材,科學地烹調





金主席以Slow Squeeze Technology來命名這項技術,並申請專利。Slow Squeeze Technology以Auger來保存新鮮蔬果的營養、




A Technology That Benefits People


We began developing new technologies with the goal of bringing people closer to nature and helping them discover the health benefits of a natural diet. The idea that took us from pounding and squeezing fruits and vegetables to the development of the slow juicer, allowing us to preserve as many nutrients as possible, took over 40 years to fully blossom. Our slow juicers prevent nutrient loss caused by oxidation and exposure to heat from the motor, which is why these easy-to-use juicers are excellent for making a delicious cup of healthy juice.




Nature in Its Purest Form


Chairman Kim hoped that his products would help people improve their health. Having experienced the effectiveness of herbal remedies from a young age, he believed that maximizing the nutrient content of food was the key to improving health. Fresh fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients that help prevent diseases and maintain health, including enzymes, vitamins, phytochemicals, minerals, and fiber. As a company, we have always been passionate about finding new, effective ways to help people consume all kinds of nutrients derived directly from nature.





Hurom Bio-Food Research Center


The Hurom Bio-Food Research Center conducts test to verify nutritional effectiveness, develops recipes, and conducts a variety of studies on the role of juice in maintaining health, with the aim of helping people improve their diet and stay healthy






Hurom Product Laboratory


The Hurom Product Laboratory conducts all of its studies with a genuine interest in finding new ways to benefit humankind. To make the best juices possible, it utilizes its own patented technologies to develop, assess, and enhance our products. Every day, the laboratory challenges itself to come up with ways to help improve the health of people all around the world.




Since 1974 Health Above All Else


“Hurom is a company that looks out for the interests of humankind. Developing technologies and products that aim to promote health is therefore an integral part of our commitment to the foundational philosophy of Hurom. We plan to further contribute to the health and well-being of humankind by producing a wide range of kitchen appliances beyond the Hurom slow juicer, encouraging people to prepare food for themselves using the best ingredients and drink 100% homemade juice, made possible by Hurom.”

Youngki Kim, Founder and Chairman





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