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H-310A Slim

Hurom Slow Juicer

Premium Series

- H-310A

"Slim", which needs to perfectly suit your lifestyle

More precise and meticulous from trivial but detailed features to safety

Simpler parts, easier assembly


The slimmer size, A wider kitchen space

More minimal and compact product size allows it to be freely placed anywhere in the kitchen.  The process of preparation and juicing has been simplified, freeing up your kitchen space.

The lighter weight

Symmetric body balance that gives you stability, lighter body.  It's convenient to move around.  It's convenient to use.

More relaxing time

Allow yourself to relax more thanks to "slim".

It's works on its own without having to pay close attention

Smart "Slim" cuts and juices automatically

With "Slim", enjoy relaxation no matter the time and place.


All-in-one multi-screw without having to replace filter
Simpler parts, easier assembly

All-in-one multi-screw with more diversified extraction features


Convenient with minimal touches

"Slim" does not require too many touches.  The compact but expansive hopper space holds a sufficient volume of ingredients.

Simply chop the ingredients into sizes that can fit in the hopper and trim the parts that cannot be juiced.


The size that you can grab with one hand

It applies the diameter of a compact product that can be held in one hand and a palm-sized structure that can be turned and opened easily, which enables easy use.

Hopper cover that opens easily

The hopper cover made of an intuitive and convenient structure can be easily opened and closed anytime.

If the cover is opened during extraction, it automatically stops the operation for safety

Easy insertion in the middle, automatic restart

Additional ingredients can be inserted anytime.

Even if the hopper cover is opened and then closed during extraction, it automatically restarts the previous operation.


Easy assembly

"Slim" can be assembled in a very simple, intuitive way without any special procedure.

Detachable power cable

It applies a detachable cable, which can be conveniently stored even after use, for clean usage anywhere.

Convenient cleaning

User-oriented, easy-wash type that can be conveniently detached and can be easily cleaned under running water

- H-310A (Beige, Lavender, Charcoal, White)

The slimmer size, A wider kitchen space


  • Slow rotational speed of 37~43 rpm

  • 220-milliliter chamber capacity

  • All-in-one multi-screw without having to replace filter

  • convenient with minimal touches

  • 3.4kg lighter weight

  • Low-noise, low-vibration AC motor

  • Easy assembly and disassembly


Accessories (Country Specific):

Multi-screw, Container, Cleaning Brush, Recipe Book, Manual


Colors (Optional):

Beige, Lavender, Charcoal, White

銷售點︰SOGO 崇光百貨 / WINGON 永安百貨 / HUROM (惠人)香港官方網站 
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