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送舊迎新 - HUROM (惠人)升級換購計劃




1.   升級換購計劃適用於任何牌子或型號的榨汁機。

2.   此升級換購計劃只適用於換購指定型號的 HUROM (惠人)H100s 冷壓慢磨原汁機 (黑色/奶白/紅色) 。 

3.   送貨服務會於登記並以信用咭或PayPal 於網上付款後,本公司會致電確認訂單,14 個工作天內上門派送。

4.   客戶必須於新HUROM冷壓慢磨原汁機收貨的同時將舊有榨汁機交予送貨之同事; 而舊榨汁機必須用紙箱或膠袋包裝妥當,以便工作人員收取。

5.   如送貨同事於回收舊榨汁機時發現與下單選擇不相同 (例︰舊榨汁機為其他品牌,下單時選擇為HUROM舊機),送貨同事將會即場收取HK$500升級購買差價。

6.   每部舊榨汁機型號只限進行一次換購

7.   所換購之HUROM(惠人) H100s 冷壓慢磨原汁機以發出收據之日期起計算,將有2年摩打保養。收據將於派送新榨汁機時提供, 客戶需保留收據正本,以便日後保養之用。

8.   此升級換購計劃只適用於最終消費者,不適用於代理商、分銷商、服務供應商或其他商業代理。

9.   此升級換購計劃不能與其他優惠同時使用。

10. 此升級換購計劃名額有限,先到先得,換購完即止。

11. 此升級換購計劃只適用於購買並運送到香港地址 (機場範圍,離島和偏遠地區,則需額外加收費用)


舊榨汁機 回收價為:

任何HUROM 惠人慢磨原汁機 回收價HK$1,500-

任何其他品牌舊榨汁機 回收價HK$1,200-



持有 HUROM 任何舊型號慢磨原汁機, 可以用升級價HK$3,480-  購買原價 HK$4,980 HUROM H100s

冷壓慢磨原汁機 (黑色/奶白/紅色) 一台。



持有 任何其他牌子舊型號榨汁機 , 可以用升級價HK$3,780-  購買原價 HK$4,980 HUROM H100s

冷壓慢磨原汁機 (黑色/奶白/紅色) 一台。



如有查詢,請致電Trade-In 服務熱線(852) 6115 4608 / (852) 2616 2449。




HUROM Cold Press Juicer Trade-in Program


Registration Period: 18 Jan to 22 Feb 2020



Terms and Conditions:

1.   Any Brand / Juicer are applicable in this trade-in program.

2.   This trade-in program is applicable for designated model (“new machine”) and trade-in price for each model. Designated model is HUROM H100s (Black / Cream White/ Vivid Red). 

3.   Delivery service will be happened within 14 working days after the payment is made by Credit Card or Paypal online. Customer must present the trade-in machine to our delivery man at the time of delivery. Trade-in machine must be packed properly in a carton box or a plastic bag for collection


4.   If the Trade-In machine is not corresponding with the order (i.e. select HUROM brand during order placed but it is other brand when collect) a HK$500- will be charged and pay in Cash to our delivery man at the time of delivery.

5.   Each trade-in machine model is subject to one trade-in only.

6.   New machine will have two years motor warranty, starting from the date of the delivery.

7.   Original receipt will be provided when delivery. Original receipt must be kept for future warranty purpose.

8.   This trade-in program is limited to our exclusive end user consumers and not applicable to resellers, distributors, service providers or other commercial agents.

9.    This trade-in program cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

10.  Limited trade-in program quota.  First come, first served while stocks last.

11.  This trade-in program is only applicable to purchase and deliver within HKSAR (All airport areas, outlying islands and remote area need to pay extra courier fee)




Trade-In Offer Price:

Any HUROM Brand Slow Juicer – Trade-in discount HK$1,500-

Any brand / Juicer – Trade-in discount HK$1,200-


Example 1:

Trade-in your old HUROM Slow Juicer, you may entitle program price at HK$3,480 to purchase new

HUROM H100s (Black / Cream White/ Vivid Red). [Suggested Reseller Price is HK$4,980]


Example 2

Trade-in any brand / juicer, you may entitle program price at HK3,780 to purchase new

HUROM H100s (Black / Cream White/ Vivid Red). [Suggested Reseller Price is HK$4,980]


In case of any disputes, Suntronics Investment Limited reserves the final right of decision and interpretation.


For enquiries, please contact our Trade-In hotline (852) 6115 4608 / (852) 2616 2449


I have read and accept the above Terms and Conditions of Business.

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